of this pain i will not speak, of the violent memories on the silent movie screen you have shown on repeat.


whenever white cooks on tv say “asian” it really pisses me off. what part of asia is your recipe from? malaysia? bhutan? japan? cambodia? y’all know 16 different french sauces but can’t name what kind of chinese/indian food you’re making. 


*turn down for what.mp3 starts playing in the background as damian rises from the grave*



It’s October! You guys know what that means right?

You guys probably think you know what this is, but you really don’t. Watch it, you won’t regret it.

*slam dunks a pumpkin* fall is life


My personal hope for the Aquaman movie since it’s official Momoa will be Aquaman.

They really go deeper with the fact Aquaman is multiracial.

Part of Aquamans story has always been that he was in a way, “mixed” an Atlantean mother and a land-dwelling father, and that his not being fully one or the other caused problems with people from both groups.

It’s actually a pretty strong metaphor for what goes on with racially mixed people often being labeled as being “too” one group or another.

I also hope that Atlantis will be somewhat diverse as well, since I know some racist ideaologies love the idea Atlantis was all white, or it’s where the “Aryans” came from, it’d be awesome to me if it was actually presented as being a place where no one really fits into a racial category as we modern land-dwellers see them.

Atlantis was the ‘first’ big technologically advanced city, so have it be a place that’s from before our concept of ‘race’ became a thing. Atlanteans don’t care if you’re black or white or asian looking, but can still be bigoted against Aquaman for his parent being a ‘foreigner’ as they see it. 


"do not talk about the test with friends or online"

me when i see fictional pda: nice
me when i see irl pda: ok ive had enough can we go home now



Upcoming DC Movies 

100% here for Wonder Woman and Aquaman and Shazam and Cyborg don’t touch me


DC Cast (so far)


Fall Out Boy - Immortals  (Big Hero 6 OST)

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